Natural Beauty …

Wearing makeup was never really my thing growing up.  My mom was fairly strict in this department however when I woud tiptoe around the subject she would say things like … your skin is so pretty the way it is or natural beauty is the best or my all time favorite was you have your entire life to wear makeup!  As I got older and saw how experienced my friends were in their makeup regiment the peer pressure began to set in to want to be a part of that lunchtime routine crowded around the bathroom mirror adding another layer of mascara and reapplying lipstick, like real lipstick!  You know, the kind you had to actually turn the tube and it would magically appear?!  Once my mom finally gave in to my desperate pleas she started me out with just the necessities.  This included a foundation so light you couldn’t even tell I was wearing any; a small brush stroke of blush and a touch of mascara, brown mascara – not black like all my friends had and a clear lip gloss with just a hint of gloss.  I’m pretty sure chapstick had more shine and color!  I was not impressed with her willingness in helping me keep up with my classmates at all!

I was not a girly girl by any stretch of the means.  I loved sports and spent most of my days in the pool swimming competitively for our local swim team and playing basketball all through my school years.  I could be found with my naturally curly mop piled on top of my head and had little time for brown eyelashes that bled into my eyes and white towels covered in the hottest colors of lip smudges.  I also have very little patience for anything that takes time so before long the idea of a painted face no longer impressed me.  However, much like Caroline is today I would buy whatever my friends had and there it would sit all neat and pretty on my vanity.  I am not nearly as strict with my girls as my mom was with me.  Caroline is a beautiful girl – she is truly a natural beauty!  Her pale features allows for just a little kiss of the sun to bring out a glow that would lead one to think she had spent hours making herself up.  Following in her mama’s footsteps she is hardly girly as well!  When Caroline was old enough to decide that she knew what she wanted to wear we would battle daily about tights!  I would buy long dresses with matching tights; every color, design and texture filled her dresser draw.  Black tights with pink hearts, red and white stripes and every holiday represented.  I would lay out her clothes and out she would walk in whatever I had not picked for her that day.  I would beg, plead and at times resorted to bribery but it was leggings and t-shirts that made her happy; running shorts and tank tops became her summertime wardrobe.  She inherited my long curly hair which was always in her face and some outside creature always in her hands!  Honestly I thought I might get lucky with this one; that she would never be interested in hours of mirror time and the endless supply of makeup brushes in mason jars that would adorn her bathroom countertop.  I was wrong.


So a little confession here.  I actually did not buy Caroline any of her first makeup.  After a weekend at her dads house she came home with a little Vera Bradley makeup bag filled with just the basics.  Caroline’s stepmom is 20 years younger than I am and probably much more knowledgeable in what teenage girls are interested in.  My movie brain goes back to “Stepmom” with Julia Roberts and Susan Saranadon and the scene in the car where Julia hands over her lipstick to the teenage stepdaughter.  Upon returning home Susan Sarandon comments on her daughters newly made up face and there is that awkward moment between the three of them while they try to figure out how Mom is going to react.  I would love to tell you that Caroline was more than happy with just the basics and a swipe of her stepmoms lipstick in the car but …. oh wait are you waiting for me to tell you how I reacted to Caroline’s teenage stepmom introducing makeup into her life?  I highly recommend you watch the movie, I identified very well with Susan in that scene (maybe almost all the scenes!)  But really, it was fine.  I have often told Caroline there are a lot of girls her age who would love to have a young, cool stepmom to identify with at times.


Thanks to social media Caroline became the skincare and makeup guru!  There were endless tutorials, youtube videos and instagram posts that kept us gracing the doors of Sephora.  She always needed something I am sure she already had 4 of but she would assure me that it was definetely NOT the same thing she already had.  Caroline is also very quick to be sure and include me in her need for something new by trying to convince me it would be perfect for me as well and we can share it; Caroline does not share well!  Now as Caroline has so generously mentioned I know nothing about … well let’s be honest here, Caroline thinks I know nothing about anything but I really know nothing about my face!  I turned 48 this week and on the morning of my birthday I woke up and washed my face, put on a little mositurizer and went on about my day.  No makeup except a little dab of Caroline’s favorite Glossier lip balm and I never gave another thought about my face!  So here I am 32 years later back to just the necessities that my own mom introduced me to that I thought for sure I could never survive on.

I will admit having Caroline and her knowledge of skincare has been helpful (and expensive) at times!  And I will holler upstairs “heading to Sephora” as a bribe for a little mother/daughter time because if I ask if she wants to got to WalMart with me there in rarely a response!  Caroline will walk the aisles picking up items and telling me what they are good for and if she or I should try it.  There are times I have to reel her back in as she and the Sephora associate become best friends filling a basket full!  So yes, Caroline is right, I am very lucky to have her but I will let you in on a little secret.  I can not wait until she has a daughter of her own who will assure Caroline she knows nothing and my daughter will call me and ask … did I ever do that to you?

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