Catching Up …

I have no idea how this much time got away from us; believe me Caroline and I have had plenty to write about over the last month so that has not been the reason for our absence!  Life, life is what happened.  So let me catch everyone up on our bus rider and then we can get back to some spilled sweet tea!

She’s surviving!  (Barely if you ask her!)  So before anyone gets the idea that I am just a horrible mother who doesn’t want to get up and take her kids to school, because I am sure that is how Caroline would describe me to her friends whose sweet mama’s drop them off at school every morning … I want to have the opportunity to explain my side!  I have 4 children; the oldest is 23 and the youngest is 12.  I am terrible at math but I can assure you that is a lot of years of drop offs and pick ups with a lot of years left to go!  So for quite a while it was 4 kiddos, 4 schools (because you know that I would never be so lucky to have any of them going to the same school at the same time!) and hours, literally hours in the car.  The van pulled out of the driveway at 7:10am every morning with it returning at 9:15am.  It would then leave again at 2:45pm and return around 4:30pm if traffic was good, the car line ran smoothly, which most days it didn’t and if I was a really sweet mom and let the kids stop at Casey’s for an afternoon snack, which most days I wasn’t.  So I am sure you are asking yourself why I didn’t have the brilliant idea of having the kids ride the bus before now.  Simple question with a really long and complex answer.  (You have time to grab a cup of coffee while I explain this!)  There are very few schools that offer the 1 to 6 ratio classroom that Elizabeth requires.  Until we moved all of the schools from elementary to high school were clear across town and most mornings the reason so much time was spent in the car.  Our school district worked with me and allowed the other kids to attend schools close to where Elizabeth went so that I would not have them scattered all over the district for which I was very appreciative of but the trade off was that no transportation would be provided.  I weighed out the pros and cons and came to the conclusion it was better to have them all next door to one another so no bus riders!

We moved over the holidays, about 20 miles North which meant all new schools for the kids.  Everyone was excited for the change and looking forward to their new surroundings.  AND … they were the ones that brought up riding the bus long before I did!  Yes, including Caroline who was honestly the one most excited for the opportunity.  I will be honest here and tell you I was a little apprehensive, I’m pretty sure I have called in some bus numbers in the past to the school district.  Maybe I shouldn’t admit that!  And not to mention my overly active imagination of every bad thing that can happen while waiting at the bus stop or walking home alone.  But the thought of having 4 extra hours during the day quickly replaced any bad thought I had.  I think it was a few days before the kids started school when Caroline came to me and said she wasn’t sure she wanted to ride the bus anymore.  That turned into maybe just a few days a week, and definitely just in the morning but not in the afternoons for sure which turned to well maybe once a week or how about just once a month …. YOU’RE RIDING THE BUS!!!  And as I said up top there, she is surviving although she is already trying to figure out how not to ride the bus next year in high school!

So now that you know Caroline is okay and there has been no major trauma to her teenage pride for being a bus rider we can get back on track and spill some sweet tea!

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