Introducing Caroline …



This little miracle came into my life in early fall of 2004.  She was 6 weeks early, all legs and my third child.  I remember the doctor saying here she comes and then silence.  It took all of 3 seconds for her to take her first breath and my life was forever changed.  Caroline was totally unplanned, in fact after the birth of her sister, Elizabeth I was told it would be impossible to get pregnant again.  Well, 13 months later here she is!  She was an easy baby and always happy and that is about all I remember of her first year.  Caroline is always asking me about her baby years and I have to admit to her that I truly don’t remember.  Elizabeth had only been home for a few months, life with a 22 week micropreemie and a newborn was a lot to juggle.  I try to show Caroline as many pictures from her first year that I can so she knows her mother didn’t totally forget she had another child after Elizabeth!

Growing up #3 wasn’t easy.  She loved her older brother, Nathan but struggled with Elizabeth at times.  It was hard to share mom and she was so little to really understand the dynamics of what is was like to have a sister with special needs.  I tried to share my time equally but it was really Nathan that stepped up and gave Caroline the time and attention she needed those younger years.  As Caroline got older I would sneak her out for late night dinners, surprise her with skip days from school and extra treats to try and make up for my absence.  Caroline never complained and her personality allowed her to just go with it for most of her younger years.

I mentioned in our welcome post that I make it a point to apologize to my mother on a regular basis for my teen years …. this girl is why!  She is her mothers daughter through and through; no question about it.  Growing up Caroline would tell people she looks just like her dad but acts like her mama.  There are no truer words.   I often catch my mom just sitting back and watching the interaction between us and every now and then see a smile actually cross her face.  Oh what I must have put this woman through growing up!

Caroline wasn’t handed an easy life and has had to grow up fast which makes her so much wiser beyond her years.  The third child, a sister with special needs, parents who divorced when she was so young, a mom who worked full time and now a new stepdad and siblings.  Now, don’t let me lead you to believe she smiled through it all!  No, she has voiced her opinion … mainly in form of hand clapping many times!  But she is tough, she has learned that life is full of challenges and it is truly how well you react to them that makes you the person you will become.

She is a brilliant student, will go to Columbia or Notre Dame.  Remember this post in about 4 years because you will not be surprised when she winds up exactly where she says she will be.  She loves her puppy, Sadie and will be a doctor of people or animals!  She excels in science and often speaks of her mentor, her Papa who she says is the reason she is so compassionate about healing the sick.  She loves swimming and volleyball and whatever you do, don’t let her tall 5’9 self fool you into thinking she will ever play basketball!

I could go on forever about this girl and how proud I am of how she has chosen to grow up but I will save some of that for the blog and just say this about her …

She is kind, she is thoughtful, her ability to find the good in all things is contagious. This girl has a smile that will light up a room and a laugh that will warm your heart.  So wise beyond her years, kindness and compassion overflows in this one; she loves her family and all Gods creatures great and small. She believes in who she is and won’t let anyone change her.  Sweet and stubborn; sassy and a bit messy …. a whole lot of Southern; a heart full of grace, beautiful from the inside out and a personality that you just can’t help but love!  She is the definition of perfection and beauty!


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