I’m not really even sure what was happening but it was quickly interrupted by my dad who said … “you girls need to write a weekly column.”  The girls he was referring to was myself and my 14 year old daughter, Caroline.  So I can only assume that we were “fussing and discussing” some kind of dramatic event that had just taken place.  I smiled at my dad and half heartedly agreed.  But then he said he was serious!!  So over the next few weeks every time I would talk to him he would ask how the column was going … the first few times I had to stop and ask myself what column??  Once I remembered the conversation I again half heartedly responded with something like we should do that or I will look into it.  Again, the words I am serious presented themselves so I thought I had better get to work on it!

Now my dad is a bit old school.  He doesn’t believe in text messages, a hand written letter with a good pen is the best way to go, every single time!!  A phone call is better than email and the blogging world is a foreign language he has no interest in learning!  Unfortunately I can’t just call up our local paper and convince them to give me space in their Sunday paper so my daughter and I can hash out the everyday life of growing up!  As a blog writer for many years now I decided this would be the best way to start!  And who knows, maybe my dad will someday open the paper and see us in print!  But for now … this will do!

Every mother and daughter has their moments, mostly between the ages of 12 and 24!  It is those junior high right through college years!  Since having my own daughters I make it a point to apologize regularly to my own mother for those teen years she experienced with me.  Now, I am sure our lives aren’t much different than that of every other teen daughter and mom relationship but we do have some unique family dynamics that set us apart from most.  And apparently my dad found us entertaining enough that he thought others might benefit from our adventures!

And so … Spilled Sweet Tea was launched!  It took about 10 minutes on the way to school one morning to come up with our name.  I wanted something that Caroline could identify with and quite honestly didn’t think was just too corny!  The eye rolling and dramatic deep breaths stopped when I mentioned something about sweet tea.  She’s southern, loves her sweet tea and it was a cute play on words for us to be spilling our story for the world wide web to read so it was perfect!  My dad didn’t agree; he thought we should just call it “Fuss and Discuss” … insert eye roll and dramatic deep breath here!  Oh wait, you thought that one came from Caroline!  Nope, that was me!  So we compromised, used both our ideas and here we are!  We hope you will join us on our journey of mother and daughter blogging and would love to hear from you and your own mother/daughter experiences!  Follow our blog, find us on social media and settle in for what I think will be a lot of fun that will surely keep you entertained!

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